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Paneele einfach mit Wasser reinigen und pflegen
Paneele einfach mit Wasser reinigen und pflegen

Cleaning and maintaining panels  

Straightforward cleaning for straightforward wall and ceiling design
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Straightforward cleaning for straightforward wall and ceiling design
Panels from MEISTER are the straightforward and versatile solution for wall design and ceiling cladding. From authentic real wood panels with a raw, handcrafted character, and decorative panels that can also be easily installed in bathrooms, to stylish system panels that add special visual impact to the wall, the MEISTER range really does have something to offer for all tastes. But there’s one thing that all of the panels have in common, and that’s that they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain! 
This makes them particularly suitable for use in the kitchen! From tomato sauce or cake batter to any of the other little mishaps that happen in our kitchens over the course of the day, any spills on the panels can be cleaned up in no time with a damp cloth. 
Unlike parquet and real wood flooring, panels do not require intensive maintenance – not even those made of real wood. This is because they are naturally not exposed to the same stresses on the wall or ceiling as they would be on the floor. So when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, there’s nothing to fear with real wood panels either. 
We explain how to clean MEISTER panels in just a few steps, with the general idea being ‘less is more’!  
Paneele lassen sich einfach feucht abwischen

Regular cleaning 

Clean MEISTER panels occasionally with a damp (heavily wrung) cloth that has been previously washed in clear water.

Do not use any scouring creams or powders, as these agents can damage the surface of the panels!

Systempaneele in der Küche einfach reinigen

Stubborn stains

If some stubborn stains such as grease or tomato sauce cannot be removed with clear water, you can use a mild cleaning agent or simply washing-up liquid and target the stain specifically with the damp cloth. Please use a soft, lint-free cloth and do not rub too hard. Then wipe with a damp cloth using clear water and dry.

If in doubt, try out the cloth and cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

MeisterPaneele. style mit Filz-Oberfläche können abgesaugt werden

Cleaning felt surface MeisterPanels. style SP 800

The felt surface of the new MeisterPanels. style SP 800 system panels can be carefully vacuumed.

Echtholzpaneele mit wohnfertig behandelter Oberfläche

Cleaning and maintaining real wood panels

The MeisterPanels. craft EP 500 real wood panels come with a hard wax oil surface ready for residential use as a matter of course (apart from the Raw Oak raw surface). This makes the real wood panels not only perfect for use on walls and ceilings in living spaces, but also very easy to maintain thanks to the natural oil. 

Regular cleaning

For the real wood panels, too, it is generally sufficient to wipe them down with a damp cloth that has been wrung out well. Be sure to use a lint-free cloth for this. Do not use any scouring creams or other harsh cleaning agents, as these can damage the surface of the wood. 

Stubborn dirt and minor scratches

Stubborn stains and minor scratches on the wooden wall covering can be partially repaired. In case of minor damage, the affected area can be lightly sanded beforehand.

Use Dr. Schutz Premium Wood Soap as a cleaning agent and Dr. Schutz Premium Care Oil for partial re-oiling.

Echtholzpaneele von MEISTER selbst streichen

Treating real wood panels with a raw surface

For a truly individual look, you can paint, lacquer or oil the Raw Oak raw-look real wood panels to suit your own taste. Let your creativity run wild!

Please note that the raw surface should never be used untreated. The raw surface has not yet been treated ready for residential use and is therefore not yet sufficiently protected. In this video, we explain how to paint the panels.

The cleaning and maintenance of your individually designed real wood panels ultimately depends on the oil, lacquer or paint used.

Cleaning panels