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LED lights and accessories for MEISTER panels

LED lights for MEISTER panels

Only the right lighting gives rooms real flair and atmosphere. MEISTER LED lights are aesthetically and technically coordinated with MEISTER wall and ceiling panels. They can even be installed in the floor and in clip-on skirting boards – where they not only look good, but ensure orientation and safety as well.

Aside from the fact that they match our panel range perfectly, the lighting solutions by MEISTER boast yet more benefits: 

  • Made in Germany 
  • Simple installation 
  • Suitable for humid rooms and splash-proof* 
  • Low installation heights thanks to extra flat transformer
LED-Bodenleuchten von MEISTER in Nadura-Boden

Beautiful and practical, too!

MEISTER LED lighting is more than just a decorative light source. Thanks to its extremely low energy consumption, it can also be used as orientation lighting – for example, in the bedroom or the hallway, keeping any potential trip hazards in plain sight. The LED recessed lights are not only economical – they are extremely compact! This means they can easily be installed in narrow panel walls.

MEISTER LED-Einbauleuchten im Bad

The MEISTER lighting range

With FLAT-Quadro LED recessed lights (square form) or FLAT-PUNTO (round form), you can create atmospheric lighting accents in any living space. They can be installed in ceilings, walls and flooring and are thus very versatile. FLAT lights impress with their clear design and, thanks to modern LED technology, facilitate a minimal installation depth of just 7 mm. With invisible bayonet fixings under the stainless-steel cover, the lights can be installed and removed quickly and easily. They are stable, retain their shape and can even withstand weights of up to 150 kg.

LED downlights are perfect for installation in ceiling panels. They are available as sets in two sizes and round or square forms. With a drill hole diameter of 80 mm, these big shots illuminate even the biggest of rooms with their warm white light – and that while being particularly energy saving of course.

What’s more, the use of all MEISTER LED lights (*excluding FLAT-mini) in areas directly exposed to splashing water, such as bathrooms and kitchens, is no problem at all. You don’t have to skip past the lights while cleaning, either – even cleaning water is no match for them!