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Bye bye bunk beds and rosehip tea. The former youth hostel in Holzminden, Germany now has a new lease of life as a three star superior hotel. Renovating the building was a dream come true for the new owner, Ralf Schwager. Lindura wood flooring has been used in the restaurant and the banqueting area.

It has turned out very nicely. The table tennis tables, rosehip tea, bunkbeds and washrooms are gone without a trace. There is hardly anything at the Weserhotel Schwager that reminds you of the former youth hostel – apart from the historic tower, which is still the distinguishing feature of this group of buildings. Three years ago, the opportunity to buy the old youth hostel arose. The Holzminden-based businessman and department store manager Ralf Schwager knew for certain that he wanted to retain the historic building. And that is what he did. After a nine month construction period, there were 35 cosy, modern rooms, a restaurant, a smoking lounge and two banqueting rooms.

With its proximity to the Weser cycle route and the river, the hotel attracts guests who enjoy cycling and canoeing. It is also an excellent place for both young and old to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Alongside comfortable single and double rooms, there are also wheelchair accessible rooms and family-friendly apartments with kitchen facilities. Featuring free Wi-Fi, large flat-screen TVs and comfortable divan beds, the rooms are relaxing havens. 

Protecting the environment and using energy-saving technology were important factors during construction. The heating and lighting is managed and controlled to save energy. In addition to the use of a heat and electricity bus system, which uses state of the art technology, a combined heat and power plant is used for the heating.

Waste heat recovery pumps were installed for the ventilation system.

All of the lights use energy-saving LED technology.

The flooring is a perfect fit for the modern feel of the hotel, which prioritises sustainability. Lindura is the perfect backdrop for the restaurant and the banqueting area. Its rustic, elegant appearance contrasts with the modern furnishings.

Another aspect of the ‘old’ youth hostel has been maintained as well: Heike Sander-Nisius, who used to be the hostel warden, is now the hotel manager. Surely that must have been quite a change? “It hasn’t actually made a huge difference,” she laughs. “After all, the main thing is that the guests are happy – regardless of whether they are sleeping in a dormitory or in the double bed of a fancy hotel room.”

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Steinhof 2, 37603 Holzminden, Germany. Tel.: +49 (0) 5531 701 700

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