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Lindura wood flooring

The extremely durable wooden floor

Lindura is a wooden floor that withstands a great deal. The reason for this is its special construction. A covering layer is pressed out of real wood using innovative "wood powder". This mixture of wood fibres and mineral components makes the Lindura surface extremely resilient. Naturally oiled Lindura planks stand for a distinctive rustic nature: knots, cracks and wooden pores are particularly emphasised due to the unique production process. Anyone who prefers things a little less rustic can choose a matt lacquered surface: the calm and harmonious overall impression is perfect here!

Special plank format

Lindura wood flooring looks particularly good in spacious rooms. The very long planks really come into their own there. Lindura is also available in two different widths, which can also be installed together resulting in a really interesting laying pattern.

Robust and durable

Lindura loves challenges and takes stresses like pointed high heels in its stride. We have even tested this in our lab: a metal ball dropped with 4,000 newtons of pressure leaves behind a clearly visible dent on standard parquet. On Lindura wood floors, it hardly leaves a trace.

Intelligent structure 

The Lindura wood flooring also uses a sturdy HDF middle layer. This is compressed firmly with a real wood covering layer, a wood powder layer and a real wood powder backing, using a combination of pressure and heat. This is the only way to make a floor that is durable, resilient, easy to maintain and still stunningly beautiful to look at – a real high-tech wooden floor. Our video provides a great overview of exactly how the Lindura is made.


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