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Masterclic Plus click system

Installing floors easily using the Masterclic Plus click system 

Parquet, laminate and other hard flooring are usually installed floating, which means the material is not permanently bonded to the floor and can therefore be removed again without any traces, if required. Floating installation is also not a problem for amateurs with the patented installation systems from MEISTER. 

Installing planks using the patented click system 

The Masterclic Plus click system is ideal for installing long planks as there is no protruding tongue on the end, which may lead to the joints opening when lowering the plank. With this method the end locking is only activated when the next row is laid and then happens automatically. The exact positioning of the plank is ensured by a special process and the resulting pre-tension closes the joints permanently. Click laminate and click parquet with Masterclic Plus system can be installed from both back to front and front to back. Irregularly shaped rooms are therefore not a problem. If you want to release the click connections again and remove the laminate or parquet, simply angle the planks out backwards again. 


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