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Nadura-Boden im Großfliesenformat

Nadura: the warm underfoot alternative to tiles

As hard as a rock. As warm as wood. 

Nadura is a floor covering that combines the advantages of two types of flooring. It is robust and easy to maintain like tiles, warm like a wooden floor as well as being absolutely unbreakable and extremely durable. Nadura is very easy to clean, is pleasantly warm underfoot and at the same time so tough that even hard objects have almost no effect at all. This makes Nadura flooring the perfect and healthy alternative to cold ceramic or fine stoneware tiles. Unlike tiles, however, it can be installed easily as a floating floor without any gluing. 

An overview of Nadura by MEISTER

Nadura Fliesen in Betonoptik in einer Küche
heller Nadura-Boden

As hard as a rock. As warm as wood. 

Nadura from MEISTER is a completely new type of flooring that is manufactured using the so-called wood powder technology also used for Lindura wood flooring. The surface is made up of fine wood fibres and mineral materials, combining the hardness and durability of stone times with the warmth of wood. For Nadura (from English “nature” and “durable”), fine wood fibres are mixed with mineral ingredients. This so-called wood powder is compressed under pressure and at high temperature. The result is a floor that combines the advantages of tiles and wood flooring. Due to the high share of wood fibres, body heat is drawn away more slowly than with ceramic or fine stoneware floor coverings. Which leaves your feet warm on Nadura even without slippers! The share of mineral substances makes the floor just as tough as stone or ceramics.

Unlike tiles, the sturdy Nadura flooring is not “impressed” by pots, bottles or the iron falling on it. And it is extremely easy to maintain on top. Red wine, oils and other liquids can permanently discolour the cement joints between stone and ceramic tiles – this cannot happen with the Nadura joint. Coarse dirt can even be removed from the deeper surface structures since Nadura flooring is extremely scrub- and abrasion-resistant.

Nadura flooring put to the test
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Nadura Schiefer anthrazit in einem Wohnzimmer auf zwei Ebenen

Concrete looks, metal and stone effects 

Nadura from MEISTER doesn’t only have outstanding technical properties – it looks great too! A wide range of stone and metal effects or even concrete looks perfectly match a modern living style. The generous maxi tile format (85.3 x 39.5 cm) is another factor that contributes to the trendy appearance.

A total of 18 stone and wood effects are available: from MEISTER Nadura in beige-grey sandstone through the variants NB 400 in Slate anthracite or Rust metallic to Hickory in a light concrete grey colour.

5 good reasons for Nadura flooring from MEISTER

  • Innovative wood powder surface made of wood fibres and mineral components. 
  • Nadura is hard like a tile but unbreakable und warm underfoot. 
  • Due to the high share of wood fibres, body heat is only drawn away slowly. 
  • As a large-format tile in stone and metal look. 
  • No discolouring of the joints, yet scrub- and abrasion-resistant. 
Nadura-Fliesen in Betonoptik unter Küchenutensilien

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