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Black walls? Red carpet? With green accents? Anything is possible – but every aspect will make a huge difference to the way the room looks and feels. So you should always ask yourself: “Which colours will achieve which effects?” And: “Which effects do I actually want to achieve?"

In the interior design business, different effects are attributed to different colours. Warm colours tend to have more of a stimulating, invigorating effect. They create a cosy atmosphere and can even make rooms feel as if they are physically warmer. By contrast, cool colours are calming and relaxing. They can have a refreshing effect. Light colours (regardless of whether they are cool or warm) convey a friendly, light and inviting feel. They can also make small rooms feel bigger. Darker colours create a feeling of security and of being enclosed – although this also makes rooms feel smaller. This is particularly true if dark colours are used on the ceiling.

Furnishing with colour  

Interior designers exploit these effects. The use of colour can intensify the character of different areas. Peaceful areas such as bedrooms should feature darker colours, whereas living spaces should be somewhat lighter. For a stimulating home office environment, use fresh colours such as yellowish green or orange. 

Create focal points

You don’t have to paint the whole room the same colour. Colour is sometimes most effective when used as an accent. One dark blue wall in a room where the other walls are painted white can be much more interesting than a room that is completely blue. It is also possible to just accentuate one niche, or the area around a particular piece of furniture. The possibilities are practically limitless. Colours and contrasts also provide structure and orientation. For example, carefully placed accent colours can be used to create distinct areas within spacious rooms. This makes the space feel more structured and orderly.

 Rooms feel particularly harmonious if they have no more than three or four colours in total and if these colours work well together.

MEISTER supports the 'Help for a Smile' project

Nurseries and kindergartens are hives of activity – each day is filled with playing, running around and exuberance.

Water, sun, sand - and Meister!

Working where other people go on holiday – that’s the name of the game for the Dutch family de Visser.

Ökotest rates MEISTER Classic cork flooring as ‘good’

We are delighted that the Ökotest (eco test) consumer magazine has awarded its ‘good’ label to our Classic cork flooring (KC 85 S coarse structure)!


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