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Back to the 90s – Living like 25 years ago

A stylish 90s interior involves much more than a Spice Girls poster on the wall and a Super Nintendo game console in front of the tube TV. It was bright colours and wild patterns that most strongly defined the style of this upbeat decade. We show how the 90s lifestyle can be quickly revived in your own home.

What a time it was: East and West Germany were united, more and more people bought one of these new “mobile phones” and there was probably not a single girl who didn't have strong feelings for at least one of the Backstreet Boys. We used to laugh about our parents because they liked to reminisce about their youth in the 60s and 70s. Today it's the Millennials who understand for the first time what the love of retro is about. In the 1990s everything seemed possible – even platinum blonde streaks or green eyebrows à la DJ Marusha. And anyone today who yearns for the lightness of yesterday has more opportunities than ever to recreate the charm of 25 years ago in their home.

Wohnung im Kultstil Geometrie

Geometrical cult classics

It was not only the classic game Tetris that delighted us with its minimalist design of vibrant colours and angular visuals. Geometric shapes and graphic patterns probably shaped the 90s like no other style. The intention was to stand out clearly from the 70s and 80s with a futuristic orientation. That's why many interior design objects from this cult decade seem quite “spacy”. For example, the egg-shaped armchair from the 1997 film “Men in Black”, which conquered the living rooms of style-conscious filmgoers shortly after its release, is still unforgettable.

To ensure that the mix of different shapes does not appear too wild, but radiates harmony, a maximum of two geometric figures should be combined. This can be done, for example, with cube-shaped seating areas combined with other square box furniture and a round carpet. To prevent the flooring from clashing with the futuristic-looking 90s interior, a natural wood grain should be avoided. Opt instead for visually neutral floorings like a design fooring in concrete look that does not distract from the eye-catching interior. Another stylish 90s flooring is laminate, which made its way into countless living rooms at the turn of the millennium. With a soft maple decor, this flooring matches almost all the shapes and colours that retro furnishing has to offer.

MeisterDesign. laminate LD 55 (S) 6682

Time to get colourful

Not only techno fans liked it shrill in the 90s: Bright colours like pink, orange or violet were omnipresent and came across particularly well in unusual patterns. The stronger the contrast between the tones, the better!

Even today, those who like it colourful still have countless ways to bring the charm of the 90s into their homes. The most attractive of these are the diverse options for combining tones in your home interior. Seating items such as inflatable armchairs, which unfortunately were anything but durable, and beanbags in all colours imaginable were particularly popular.

These days, such a colourful interior is only for hard-boiled fans. If you don't want to run the risk of getting tired of your once favourite colour too quickly, then colour accents are a safe bet. Neutral tones like black, grey and white or a homely combination with wood tones serve as a foundation.

Kommode aus Chrom

All that glitters is chrome

Hardly a decade has managed to combine futurism with comfort as well as the 90s. The bulky leather sofa was simply combined with high-gloss chrome-plated feet. The result was a piece of furniture with a modern design that was inviting and cosy at the same time.

Chrome-plated elements are still very popular today, but are used more discreetly. Such elements can include the feet mentioned above, but also door handles or the holder of a decorative lamp. In keeping with other current interior trends, chrome is often combined with natural materials and rough fabrics. For example, nature lovers can install real wood flooring in rustic oak and enjoy their cosy contemporary home with accents from the wild 90s – you couldn't be trendier. 

90er Jahre Wohnung

Anything but subtle

An excellent basis for the 90s look is a living room design in industrial style. The industrial interior style is oriented towards the hip clubs of the cities. To recreate the legendary rave and techno feeling of those days, rough brickwork – or photo wallpaper with the corresponding design – can be combined with a flooring in a concrete look.

The interior is stylishly complemented by classic neon lighting in unusual shapes. The pink flamingo is a true classic and the most easily recognisable among shrill neon lights. But cacti or curved letterings also appear again and again in the shops to the delight of nostalgics.

How to bring back the 90s

The 1990s were an exceptionally diverse decade. This means that there should be something to suit everyone who wants to furnish their home like back then:

  • Geometric forms
    Geometric forms were omnipresent, not just in the cult game Tetris.
  • The more colourful, the better
    The more colourful and contrasting the furnishings, the better.
  • Chrome
    Chrome is indispensable and can also be combined excellently with leather and wood.
  • Plush - colourful, please
    The 90s were a decade of colourful plush.
  • The techno club at home
    With the industrial style, former ravers bring the feeling of the techno clubs to life.

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