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Nadura flooring

The warm to the foot alternative to tiles

Nadura is the floor covering that combines the advantages of two types of floor. It is warm like a wooden floor but at the same time robust and durable like tiles. Nadura is also very easy to clean, is pleasantly warm to the foot and at the same time so resistant that even hard objects have almost no effect at all. As whereas ceramic tiles split or crack when subject to impact, with Nadura only small dents or scratches result that can partly be repaired. In contrast to tiles, Nadura can also be installed floating without any adhesion.

Concrete looks, metal and stone imitations 

The main component of Nadura is the innovative wood powder – a mixture of fine wood fibres and mineral components that is compressed using pressure and high temperatures. Resulting in the Nadura surface that is in fact both: as hard as a rock and as warm as wood. At the same time, it looks really great. Trendy stone and metal imitations or even concrete looks in maxi tile format accentuate a modern lifestyle.


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