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Linoleum flooring

The durable and natural floor

Linoleum flooring is simply fascinating. A natural product through and through, extremely resilient and totally trendy in modern colours. And the best thing is: it also stands up to everyday life! We make our linoleum flooring stain-resistant, durable, easy to clean and even antibacterial with the protective surface finish. So it’s not a problem if things should get a bit wild now and again at home.

Renewable resources

Linoleum’s ecological balance is unbeatable: linseed oil, jute, pigments, natural resins, wood dust and limestone meal are just as natural as the flooring that is made out of them. Which is why linoleum has been popular as an environmentally friendly floor covering for more than a hundred years. Linoleum used to have to be cleaned and maintained intensively ("polished"). Fortunately things are very different with modern linoleum: the "Topshield" surface ensures that this floor is just as easy to clean as any other elastic floor coverings.


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