• Lindura wood flooring


    World premiere

  • Worlds of parquet


    Rediscover parquet flooring.

  • Laminate flooring – colour schemes


    Rediscover laminate flooring.

  • Nadura flooring


    Hard as stone. Warm as Wood.

  • Design flooring


    100 % PVC free.

  • Panels


    Tasteful interior design. 

  • Cork


    Naturally beautiful

  • Linoleum flooring


    A natural product

Image Credit: Brooke Shaden

Rooms full of life.

  • Worlds of parquet

    Inspired by global living and material trends, these themes illustrate various philosophies in terms of lifestyle, product design and materials.

    Flooring from A to Z

    From design flooring to laminate, Lindura wooden floors, linoleum, Nadura flooring, cork to parquet. A summary of all MEISTER flooring.

    Laminate – colour scheme

    Which colour scheme gets your heart racing? For guidance and inspiration we have broken down our laminate flooring into three colour schemes.

  • Wall and ceiling

    Inspired Living also thinking of wall and ceiling. Our system, real wood, decorative panels and Nadura can play a central role.

    Lighting and accessories

    A perfect living atmosphere results when all the elements in a room are perfectly coordinated to one another.


    MEISTER Interior Designer, MEISTER catalogues and installation and care instructions for parquet, design, cork, linoleum, laminate and Nadura flooring and panels.